The below FAQs should help to answer any questions you may have about England Lacrosse Membership. 

What activity is covered under England Lacrosse Membership?

England Lacrosse Membership covers, but is not restricted to, the following events:

  • EL Regional Leagues (senior & junior);

  • EL Regional Junior Fixtures and Tournaments (the bottom age limit for club participants will be those still in primary education (year 6 and below) as of the start of the 2018-19 season. Participants in Year 7 and above will need to register to compete in lacrosse fixtures and tournaments);

  • Flags North/South;

  • Academy Male/Female;

  • National Club Championship;

  • Regional competition (senior/junior);

  • County competition (senior/junior);

  • International Representation;

  • Mixed Lacrosse;

  • Lacrosse Camps;

  • Autumn 8s;

  • Super League;

  • Nick Kehoe Trophy;

  • Home Internationals.

When will the England Lacrosse Membership year become active?

The England Lacrosse Membership year starts 1st September 2019 and runs until 31st August 2020.

I have recently joined my team in the middle of the season as a player, coach, or official, do I pay a reduced fee?
The England Lacrosse Membership fee is on a season-by-season basis and is set regardless of when membership takes place.

Who will need to join?
All players, coaches and officials who participate in EL leagues, tournaments and events will need to register.

I am a volunteer that does not coach, play or officiate, do I need to become a member?
New this year we are introducing a Fan Membership.

This membership is perfect for those England lacrosse fans, avid volunteers, or ex-players.

In return for joining the England Fan Club you will receive: 

  • access to the brand new England Lacrosse app;

  • lacrosse news customised to your preference;

  • priority access to England tickets;

  • the ability to opt into the lacrosse volunteer database;

  • the opportunity for Junior Fans to be an England mascot.

The new Fan membership will cost £5 and will benefit those people who love lacrosse and want to keep up to date with everything that happens in England Lacrosse, but who do not require a membership to allow them to play, officiate, or coach in the sport.

What will happen if I do not join and I compete, coach or officiate?
Your team will be sanctioned under the rules of the league or competition in which you are competing, including fines and docked points for any unregistered players. Players, coaches, and officials will also not be insured if they are not a member.

I only play for my team a few times a year, do I still need to join?
The current membership requires all players who participate in leagues and tournaments to join. The new membership will be no different and the fee will apply regardless of the frequency of participation.

I play for more than one team; do I have to register for each team that I play for?
Your membership will cover you for each team you play for and you will only pay one fee. You will be able to register your affiliation to both clubs when you join.

I play for my university BUCS team, do I need to join?
Membership will not be required for university participants who solely participate in BUCS matches, however it is highly recommended. Students who play in EL leagues and events will be required to become members, as will students who coach and officiate.


When do I have to join?
If you are an active coach who provides tuition to schools, clubs or universities you must become a member to receive your insurance cover.

I also play or officiate, do I need to pay a registration fee for each?
You only pay one membership fee and that covers you for all lacrosse activity. You must ensure that your membership is completed correctly to ensure you are covered for all lacrosse activity. You will also need to hold a valid EL coaching or officiating qualification for your insurance benefits to be valid.

I officiate in BUCS matches and occasionally will referee in friendly matches or matches not EL sanctioned, am I still covered?
All officials who join will be covered for matches and events they officiate, including tournaments and events abroad.

I am a student who officiates BUCS matches, do I still need to join?
Yes, you will not be covered under public liability insurance if you are not a member.

Do European Referees have to join to officiate the odd game?
Yes, anyone officiating EL leagues, tournaments, or competitions will require a valid membership.

Club/ University / Schools / League & Event Organisers

Can clubs use the membership platform to collect club subscriptions?
Yes – Any club interested in using the England Lacrosse Membership System to collect and manage club fees and subscriptions should email Kerrie Lawler -

Clubs are concerned that individuals simply will not join, so can clubs register players?
Individuals are responsible for joining and paying for themselves. Each club has a nominated representative that can check the list of member players for their club.

Can parents use one email to register more than one child?
Yes. Each child will have a unique username and password but the email address can be the same for each child. E.g. a family email address.

What are the details of the insurance package?

The full insurance policy can be found HERE – If you should need to make a claim, please call Endsleigh on 01242 866 906