Student Membership 


England Lacrosse offers Student Membership providing benefits to students playing the game at a reduced cost.

The annual paid membership for lacrosse participants through England Lacrosse also provides regional associations with more resourcing to develop the sport in their areas, including support for university teams.

Please note each university is also still required to comply with the BUCS regulation that your university club completes an affiliation to England Lacrosse no later than 31st October 2019.  If your university has not completed their affiliation please click here.


EL membership Benefits


  • Students receive a 50% discount on England Lacrosse Membership, costing you £15.75 for 12 months;

  • As part of your membership, you will receive complete access to the comprehensive insurance package, providing you with Personal Accident insurance in the UK and abroad while you are playing lacrosse, lacrosse equipment insurance in the case of loss or theft and public and product liability. It also provides indemnity cover for officials and coaches;

  • England Lacrosse membership also gives you access to discounted course and event costs for programmes such as officiating and coaching courses, helping to improve the development of the university game at a more affordable cost for students.


What does this mean for me?


BUCS Leagues and Competitions

It is not compulsory for students who play lacrosse only within BUCS competition to hold a valid England Lacrosse membership card, however it is recommended to make sure you receive access to the insurance package, and exclusive membership benefits.

We also highly recommend that students coaching or officiating lacrosse within BUCS competitions hold a valid membership as well as the appropriate qualifications to ensure that you are fully covered while being involved with lacrosse.

BUCS clearly outline in their Rules & Regulations the requirements for officiating for each university.

Students also playing lacrosse in EL leagues (NEMLA, SEMLA, etc) and competitions will be required to hold a valid membership.