England focused and ready to go against Scotland


Team England will have already moved on and be fully focused on this afternoon’s game as they face Scotland in a crunch ‘Battle of Britain’ contest at the World Championships.

After two defeats, which included a 6-12 loss to Canada before a 7-18 defeat to Iroquois yesterday, Head Coach, Tom Wenham has seen enough from his team to be feeling positive going into today’s match.

“We put in a positive performance against Canada and started off strong last night before coming up against a world class offense, but there’s plenty that we were happy with that should serve us well later in the competition.”

“That being said, although the opposition were incredibly strong, we showed periods where we can compete at this level and to develop and drive consistency in these games is a key priority for us now.”

And despite the two defeats, Coach Wenham believes this group of players are more ready and able than ever before to bounce back.

“There’s a true confidence and strength in this group that I’ve not seen previously in England teams. As a group they’re able to flush out what’s gone before and go again the next day.

“They believe in themselves as a genuine team and there’s a real desire and expectation to perform.”

And ahead of today’s clash with Scotland, Wenham expects to come up against a highly focused and organised Scottish team motivated and ready to go

“In Brian Silcott (Scotland Head Coach), Scotland have one of the best out there and we know that they’re going to be prepared to take us on. They’ve had two tough games as well and they’ll be motivated against what they call the ‘Auld Enemy’.”

“In terms of gameplay, we’ve done a lot of analysis and expect that they may play a lot of zone defence which we’re setting up for, but we know they can switch it up and go man-to-man if needed.”

England have posted 15 goals across their two matches so far and Wenham is confident that there’s still much more in this offensive unit.

“We’ve scored a number of goals that the best teams in the world couldn’t stop, from which we take confidence and it’s just about getting everything to match and click at the right time.”

“We’ve seen it in patches, but we know at some point we’re going to get it right and a team is going to cop it because this offense can grind it out, but also go on runs and sooner or later we’ll find it.”

England play Scotland at 3.15pm today UK Time and you can catch the game on ESPN Select online or follow English Lacrosse on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.