Mia's Match: England to play in charity match for Epilepsy Society

Amelia Roberts: The 21-year-old passed away in 2018 following seizures caused by her Epilepsy

Amelia Roberts: The 21-year-old passed away in 2018 following seizures caused by her Epilepsy

England Women’s U23 squad will compete in Mia’s Match, a charity game to raise money for the Epilepsy Society following the death of Amelia Roberts.

A U23 team will head to Uppingham School, Rutland on Sunday 5 May for a game against Amelia’s Allstars to help raise money for the Epilepsy Society in Amelia’s memory.


Amelia’s Story:

Amelia died suddenly in December 2018 from a fatal seizure aged 21. Around her 16th birthday, she developed epilepsy in the form Petit Mal seizures or temporary absences from her surrounding situation.

Supported by her dedicated medical team, she began a journey to tackle her condition using various combinations of prescribed drugs to control her fits, but to no avail.

Even though these powerful drugs affected her energy levels it didn't deter her from trying to lead a normal life, refusing to let her epilepsy define her. 

She had the foresight to leave her brain to the Epilepsy Society who supported her as she coped with her condition. Just over a year before her passing, she started experiencing Grand Mal seizures where she lost consciousness.

 Her death has affected many people who knew her or were shocked by the tragedy.

One of her passions was her love of lacrosse. She captained both her school, Uppingham and university, Portsmouth. Mia’s family contacted England Lacrosse with the aim of creating an event that celebrated Mia’s love for the sport and continued to raise awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Society.

Through their fundraising efforts, Mia’s friends and family have raised over £60,000 to date and in celebrating Mia’s life and love for lacrosse, England Lacrosse is delighted to be supporting this cause.

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