England Lacrosse Membership Platform to go Live on 1 August 2019



As announced last week, England Lacrosse are delighted to be teaming up with leading sport technology provider, Sport:80, to improve our online member services.

We have spent the past few months getting into the fine detail of the new England Lacrosse Membership Platform with Sport:80. In that time, we have agreed a roll-out strategy to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology.

The new Platform will officially “go live” on 1 August 2019 and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little more information about some of the Platform’s features.

New this year, and in addition to the Junior, Armed Forces, Student, and Senior memberships, we are introducing a Fan membership.

This membership is perfect for those England lacrosse fans, avid volunteers, or ex-players who are really keen to see lacrosse grow and help the sport succeed.

In return for joining the England Fan Club you will receive: 

  • access to the brand new England Lacrosse app;

  • lacrosse news customised to your preference;

  • priority access to England tickets;

  • the ability to opt into the lacrosse volunteer database;

  • the opportunity for Junior Fans to be an England mascot.

The new Fan membership will cost £5 and will benefit those people who love lacrosse and want to keep up to date with everything that happens in England Lacrosse, but who do not require a membership to allow them to play, officiate, or coach in the sport.

The other membership types also come with the following benefits:

  • the ability to participate in EL regulated leagues, events, and competitions;

  • a reduction on course fees for education products and exclusive access to additional seminars and training days;

  • priority access to EL events;

  • inclusion on mailing distribution;

  • discounts with EL partners, such as our equipment provider STX;

  • access to funding for lacrosse projects;

  • inclusion and access to mentoring programme (officials);

  • personal insurance package;

  • opportunity for junior members to be an England mascot.

Our new England Lacrosse Membership Platform will provide members with greater control over their affiliation to England Lacrosse, meaning purchasing and renewing membership will be much quicker and simpler. Existing members will receive renewal reminder emails, inviting them to access their profile, prior to their membership expiring.

Members will have a customisable personal profile on the Platform with the ability to upload their profile image; they will be able to take advantage of innovations such as e-membership cards that can be saved to the Wallet App on your smartphone and will also be able to assign and manage qualifications, background checks etc. from their personal profile as well as enter all of our events online. The England Lacrosse app will provide members with the ability to display their live membership profile when required.

We are very excited about the next few weeks and the launch of the new England Lacrosse Membership Platform and we think the partnership with Sport:80 will be incredibly beneficial to everyone affiliated to England Lacrosse and involved in the sport of lacrosse. The launch of the new Platform will also streamline many of our own internal processes and allow our team to dedicate more time to the growth of the sport.