National Lacrosse Day - 21 September


On Saturday 21 September we will be celebrating National Lacrosse Day the annual landmark day to welcome the start of the new lacrosse season.

With many teams around the country starting their league campaigns this weekend, and others getting their final practices in before next week, it is the ideal weekend to champion everything great about the game.

National Lacrosse Day is a chance for all of us showcase our sport and shout about what makes lacrosse great. While the official day is the 21st, it doesn’t matter whether you are taking part on Saturday, Sunday or any other day, just let everyone else know what you’re getting up to to mark #NationalLacrosseDay

We want you to be a part of the conversation online, using #NationalLacrosseDay and let us know what you’re up to, what playing lacrosse means to you, and why others should get involved!

Below you can download a number of a graphics to use on your club and personal social media accounts, as well as posters available to print out and put up in the club to detail events at your club this weekend.