Agreed Minimum Officiating Fees for 2018/19


National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) has agreed, in conjunction with the Officials Advisory Group, a set of minimum officiating fees for the 2018/19 season.

The agreed fees standardise the game across both refereeing and umpiring and offer guidance to both teams and officials as to what officials should expect for their services.

As detailed below, teams and event organisers may choose to pay officials more than the minimum rates, at their discretion; however, requests for officials should not be made at a cost below these rates.

Competition Minimum Rates Official in Charge
League/BUCS League Fixture*£30-
School/Youth Fixture*£20-
Formal International/Elite Fixture*£50£60
Tournament Half Day*£35£50
Tournament Full Day*£60£100
Assessing (day rate, 6 hours)**£60-
Mentoring (day rate, 6 hours)**£60-
Tutoring (day rate, 6 hours)**£125-

* These are minimum rates and organisers may choose to vary them according to event / tournament / league budgets. It is acknowledged that previously umpires have been paid differently at each level and organisers may wish to continue to do this at their discretion eg £60 at Level 1, £85 at Level 2, £120 at Level 3 and £135 at Level 4 (Tournament Full Day).
Organisers may choose to offer travel in addition to the above fees. A budget of £25 per head is recommended if so. Mileage is claimed at 27ppm where the claim has been identified as appropriate. This excludes multi-day tournaments where umpires are required to stay in hotels.  Budgets for these events should be handled on a case by case basis.

** Where there are small numbers to be assessed (less than 3), a per learner fee will be discussed with the assessor. Deployment to support L4+ may be a higher rate.