Women's Lacrosse rule change webinars


England Lacrosse will be hosting a number of webinars ahead of the implementation of the women's lacrosse rule changes for the 2018/19 season.

Following the FIL General Assembly in July, a number of changes were ratified for the game at international level with immediate effect after a trial period last year. 

A number of events in England trialled the rules last year and participants provided feedback which went to the FIL ahead of the General Assembly.

After agreement from National Lacrosse Committee and the Regional Associations, different sections of the game will be playing varying sets of rules and the webinars, conducted by leading officials in England and members of the Officials Advisory Group, will assist in explaining the differing rules across women's lacrosse.

The webinars are recommended for officials, coaches and players in order to understand the application of the various rule changes across the different sections of the game. 

Attendance to only one webinar is necessary with each session covering the same topics of discussion.

Webinar participants should read the accompanying Women's Rule Change Guide, before the session, in order to gain a basic understanding of the changes and prepare any questions ahead of time.

No registration is required to access the webinars, participants should simply use the links below to access the session shortly before the advertised start time.

Women's Lacrosse Rule Webinars

Thursday 30 August - 7-9pm -

Thursday 6 September - 7-9pm -

Thursday 13 September - 7-9pm -

Useful Documents

Women's Rule Change Guide