England Lacrosse recommends implementation of FIL Women’s Lacrosse Rule Changes to BUCS

FIL Women’s Lacrosse Rule Changes 2019/20

England Lacrosse have recommend that BUCS implements the FIL Women’s Lacrosse Rule Changes, introduced in January 2019, for the 2019-20 BUCS season. The changes have already been implemented at international and club level.

BUCS has acknowledged these recommendations and is progressing them through their annual rules and regulations review with their membership, with the aim that their adoption is approved following the May meeting of the BUCS National Competitions Group.

Maximum 10 players per team on the field at the same time
Variation for BUCSMinimum of 8 players required to start a game (current Reg LAC 3)

FIL Rule 5

Games will be 4x15 minute quarters - Break = 2 minutes after quarters 1 & 3, 10 minutes after quarter 2.

Variation for BUCS Running clock (no stop clock)

FIL Rule 11.D

Maximum of 3 players on the centre circle/between the restraining lines for the draw - Possession must be called to release players behind restrainers

FIL Rule 13.A


FIL Rule 13.C

No more than 6 players in attacking end, and 7 players in defensive end

FIL Rule 19.A 1&2

Minor fouls - Player who fouled stand 4m to the side

FIL Rule 20.B

FIL Men’s Lacrosse Rule Changes 2019/20

The new amendments to the men’s rules will not adopted for the 2019/20 season, men’s games will continue under the same rules as the previous season. A review of these amendments will take place next season with a decision on implementation for the 20/21 season to take place this time next year.