England Lacrosse publishes new Mixed Lacrosse rules


England Lacrosse has published the new updated 2019 Mixed Lacrosse Field rules to be used for the mixed game in England.

An updated and more comprehensive set of rules has been agreed following consultation with the playing community and Officiating Advisory Group to guide and support the mixed field game.

Significant rule changes

  • 10 players a-side

  • 50/50 gender split unless agreed by both teams beforehand

  • A number of major fouls have been upgraded to immediate mandatory yellow cards

The introduction of self-start was consulted on, however it was agreed not to implement the rule as a matter of safety in helping umpires in maintaining control of the game.

England completed a mixed lacrosse rules survey in 2018 asking participants on the appropriateness of the current rules and any potential changes they would like to see in mixed lacrosse.

The results helped to guide the production of the new set of domestic rules, and in consultation with the Officiating Advisory Group and National Lacrosse Committee, the new rules have been adopted for the start of the 2019/20 season.

With the recent announcement regarding women’s rules, there is also a training programme being ran over the summer that, while not mixed lacrosse specific, will provide a good grounding in the coaching and officiating of the 10 a-side game.