England Lacrosse makes move to the World Lacrosse 2018-19 Women’s Rules (10 a-side rules)


England Lacrosse has ratified the move to implement the World Lacrosse women’s 10 a-side rules across all levels of women’s lacrosse throughout England.

Following an England Lacrosse Board Meeting on Wednesday 15 May, the Board accepted the recommendations for approval put forward by the National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) for implementation from September 2019.

As a result, all England Lacrosse competitions, including the National Schools Lacrosse Championships, will be played using the World Lacrosse women’s 10 a-side rules.

The most significant changes to the current rules include:

· 10 players a-side
· option for self-start from fouls outside the 15m
· players below/goal side of the restraining line must not cross the restraining line until possession is called following the draw
· defenders will move 4m to the side for a minor foul

The full World Lacrosse women’s rule book can be accessed HERE

England Lacrosse has and will continue to fully support Lacrosse in schools and understand that schools need to adapt or modify national rules to ensure that they are appropriate, educational and inclusive.

Schools will and should adopt variations of these rules as appropriate for their school and within defined age brackets when competing internally or across inter school games.

Over the last 12 months, England Lacrosse has conducted an extensive consultation process which has included teacher surveys, the trialling of the new rules at events such as the School Challenge Cup, and the rules roadshows that took place around the country in January.

In addition to the School Challenge Cup, the women’s domestic leagues have successfully played most of the new World Lacrosse rules this season and BUCS have recently agreed to adopt the new rules for the 2019/20 season pending their regional reviews.

This feedback was then considered by NLC and having reviewed the collated evidence, put their recommendations to the Board.

The Board has also accepted NLC’s recommendation for England Lacrosse to run a coaching and officiating training programme over the summer to accompany the move to the new rules providing advice and guidance.

Mark Coups, England Lacrosse CEO, said: “I am pleased that after a significant and meaningful consultation we have been able to come to a positive conclusion in moving forward with the 10 a-side game.

“The International and women’s domestic games are already playing the new World Lacrosse rules, along with the girls in our talent pathway system, and this move aligns our game creating consistency for all taking part in the sport.

“We understand the need to support the game with this transition and as such have put in place a comprehensive training programme, setting up our teachers, coaches, and officials to be best prepared ahead of the coming season”.

Please see below the initial set of training programme dates and locations. These are an initial set of dates and more opportunities will be included as details are confirmed. Sign up for the training programme will also be opened next week.