Centaurs and Hampstead Lacrosse Clubs Win Ken Galluccio Cup


Centaurs and Hampstead Lacrosse Clubs both won the Ken Galluccio Cup this weekend.

The annual three-day tournament was held in Ghent, Belgium this year and the English league champions proved too strong for the rest of the competition, made up of other European domestic lacrosse champions.

Centaurs, who are based in Middlesex, defeated LCC Radotín of Czech Republic 14-9 in the women’s final while Hampstead Lacrosse beat Oslo Lacrosse, Norway, 8-2 in the men’s final.

It was a fairly straight-forward tournament from an English point of view with both sides winning all their groups games as well as a semi-final and final.

Centaurs won their five group games with aplomb and finished top of their group, scoring 92 and conceding just 11 goals in the process while Hampstead, who also finished top of their group, won their three group games, scoring 32 and conceding 11 goals.

Both sides demolished their semi-final opponents with neither conceding a goal and Hampstead cruised to victory against Oslo Lacrosse, winning 8-2.

LCC Radotín gave Centaurs a slight scare in the final quarter of the women’s final though as they sought a late come-back. They won that fourth quarter 5-3 but Centaurs held on for a 14-9 victory.

It means that the men’s tournament has been won by an English side for two years in a row after Poynton’s victory in 2018.

Centaurs proved third time’s a charm, after finishing second in 2017 and 2018, finally bringing the trophy home against last year’s champions.

The Ken Galluccio Cup victories continue what has been an incredible summer of lacrosse for English sides.

England’s U20 men’s side won the 2019 U20 Men’s European Championships, England’s senior women’s team won the 2019 Women’s European Championships, and England’s U19 women’s team finished fourth at the 2019 U19 World Championships.

Results for the English Teams:


16-5 v Edinburgh University🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
20-3 v Graz Gladiators🇦🇹
21-0 Red Rhinos🇧🇪
11-1 v HLC Rot-Weiß München🇩🇪
13-2 v Poznan Hussars Ladies🇵🇱

11-0 v Domstad Devils🇳🇱 - SF
14-9 v LCC Radotín Girls🇨🇿 - F


11-2 v Amsterdam Lions 🇳🇱
15-4 v Braine Lions🇧🇪
6-5 v Oslo Lacrosse🇳🇴

13-0 LCC Wolves Radotín🇨🇿 - SF
8-2 v Oslo Lacrosse🇳🇴 - F

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